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The One-Third Movement is initiated by a group of Christians who are facing a second-half life with a yearn for achieving life significance. The purpose of the movement is to encourage and motivate Christians to re-prioritize their life purposes with efforts and commitment for ministries that are meaningful and with eternal values.  This is a movement reaching out to all Christians and goes beyond the boundary of churches and denominations.  


The One-Third Movement does not necessarily need you to change your career to serve Him, but rather to change your heart and have a new view on life purposes. We recognize that your past life experiences and training are the best platforms to serve the Lord. With reprioritizing your life purposes, you can be a new breed of ministry workers that the Lord can use mightily for His Kingdom. 

The One-Third Movement offers annual conferences and referral services to Christians who share similar desires and needs. The participant attendance has been increased to over 100 in the recent years.  Past conferences include key-note speakers like brother Prof. Derek Chung, Dr. Kenneth Chin, brother Lam Sau Wing, Rev. Kim Ryan, and Rev. David Magee discussed topics such as life priorities, life significance in God's kingdom, finance stewardship, character building, and use of spiritual gifts.  
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